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The Other Oblique

Intenta captar la comprensión y el reconocimiento del propio paisaje por parte de los demás, involucrando a las personas activamente para reconstruir un nuevo paisaje imaginario a partir de las preferencias y particularidades del otro. Este proyecto fue el inicio de una investigación sobre esa visión oblicua pero desde la descentralización de la mirada.


Rud-Laxarby, May 23th 2017.


Dear Neighbor,


I’m interested in alternative topographies, in the ways that human experience and consciousness are engraved within the landscape. Landscape for me, is a construct that embraces not only natural but also cultural features where humankind is included, therefore landscape is as wide as that place where culture and diversity occur.


The Other Oblique Vision Project attempts to grasp the others understanding and recognition of his/her own landscape involving the people actively in order to reconstruct a new imaginary landscape built up by the people’s preferences and justifications.


My name is lourdes Peñaranda, I’m from Venezuela spending a month in Sweden as part of the International Art Residency Program at RUDAIR, while I’m here my intention is to create new work based on mappings of the particularities of Sweden’s landscape inviting you to become part of the project. You just have to send to a picture from your garden with your favorite plant along with its name and an explanation with the reasons of your selection.

Please write “The Other” on the subject of the email. Later this year, when I finish the project, I will send you the results.


I hope to hear from you soon and thanks for your collaboration!



The Other Oblique

Rural Environnent Actions

Digital photographie collage

RUDAIR International Artist Residency

Rud-Laxarby, Sweden


Captura de pantalla 2022-02-15 a las 6.46.40.png
Captura de pantalla 2022-02-15 a las 6.46.49.png
Captura de pantalla 2022-02-15 a las 6.46.58.png
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