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Peripheral Vision Training

The colour-sensitive and high-resolution picture generated by our central vision is only useful when time allows us to focus on the details, but when we don’t have that time, it’s the fast-working, movement-sensitive peripheral vision which helps us to stay alive. Even without realising when we are using it, our survival depends on the quick response of our peripheral vision.



Training sessions implementing an exercise to improve peripheral vision. Furthermore, this experience is problematized by using a Spanish flag as the image to focus on, raising immigration and political issues, through a training exercise that serves as a metaphor that talks about central power, patriarchal control, system rules, insertion processes, misplacement, memory and reconstruction of our own identity through a training of our peripheral vision in order to gather information about our surroundings, that information that keeps us safe.

Peripheral Vision Training Session
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Pegatina bandera española, globo, metrónomo


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Tangent Projects. L’Hospitalet del Llobregat


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